Why you need Client Share

  • According to PwC, 25% of Supplier value is left on the table

  • Should your Suppliers
    deliver more savings?

  • Are your key Supplier
    relationships not good

Client Share will help you save money and increase supplier value by:

  • Ensuring you realise the full business value from your Supplier contracts

    According to PwC, Organisations are only realising 75% of the initial value from their contracts

  • Saving you money on your contracted spend with key Suppliers

    According to EY, by effectively managing contracts, “an organization can typically save between 5% to 15% of the contract spend”

  • Improving innovation and competitiveness across your strategic supply chain

    According to Cap Gemini, better Supplier Management can lead to “innovation, cost reduction, and spend control”

What Client Share is

Client Share is a private digital platform where a Supplier and Buyer collaborate, share information, bring to life innovation and manage feedback and reviews across their business community.Our intuitive interface allows Buyers to have a more effective experience when interacting with their key Suppliers.
  • Communication & Feedback

  • Community

  • C-Suite Engagement

  • Content

  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation

  • Collaboration

To assess how your Supplier Experience (SX) measures up, take our SX Assessment.

How Client Share works

Client Share uses the most commonly used business and social media functionality, making it easy to collaborate, share information, manage agreements, provide NPS®-based feedback and much more – all of which make developing deep, lasting and profitable Customer engagements easy.

Watch our 2 minute Explainer Video to learn more about Client Share.

How to implement Client Share

An immediate impact, easy to use, easy to access & real time analytics.

  • Accept your invite

  • Build your Client Share

  • Monitor & learn

You can accelerate your Return on Investment through an SX Pulse Assessment and Fitness Programme, supported by our Professional Services team.

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Next Step

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