Why you need Client Share

  • You don’t want to lose
    key contracts

  • You’re missing cross-
    selling targets

  • You want to avoid RFPs

Client Share ROI will grow your profit by:

  • Increasing your revenue per Client by enabling up/cross-selling

    “80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing Customer Base”

  • Increasing your retention rates by enabling a world class Customer Experience

    "a 5% increase in Customer Retention can grow profits by 75%"

  • Increasing your new contract business wins by enabling you to stand apart from your competition

    "53% of buyers cite Customer Experience as the No.1 reason for contract awards"
    Gartner / CEB

What Client Share is

Client Share is the first Customer Success SaaS platform that focuses on and is built around B2B business relationships.Think of the best bits of Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube, Yammer, TripAdvisor, WeTransfer and LinkedIn all brought together in a private buyer-supplier community for Relationship Management.
  • Communication and Feedback

  • Community

  • C-Suite Engagement

  • Content

  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation

  • Collaboration

To assess how your Customer Experience (CX) measures up, take our mini CX Assessment. You'll see how you rate against your industry peers and competitors.

How Client Share works

Client Share uses the most commonly used business and social media functionality, making it easy to collaborate, share information, manage agreements, provide NPS®-based feedback and much more – all of which make developing deep, lasting and profitable Customer engagements easy.

Watch our 2 minute Explainer Video to learn more about Client Share.

How to implement Client Share

An immediate impact, easy to use, easy to access & real time analytics.

  • Accept your invite

  • Build your Client Share

  • Monitor & learn

You can accelerate your Return on Investment through a CX Pulse Assessment and Fitness Programme, supported by our Professional Services team.

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Next Step

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