Why Professional Services accelerates Return on Investment

  • 53% of the reason you will win or lose contracts is because of Customer Experience Gartner.

  • Client Share provides the leading platform for delivering, measuring & managing world-class Customer Experience.

  • In Enterprise treating the implementation of any software as purely a technology project is a recipe for failure.

  • To achieve ROI, you may need a co-ordinated change programme that encompasses people, process & technology.

About Client Share Professional Services

Our Professional Services offering is designed to help you embed the behaviours that consistently lead to more vibrant and strategic Buyer-Supplier relationships.

Leading Suppliers recognise that they bring the greatest value to their Customers and their own business when their full account management capabilities are aligned to deliver a world class Customer Experience.

How does it work?

  • Assess

  • Report

  • Plan

  • Implement

  • Review

Step 1


We begin by assessing your buyer-supplier relationship(s) through a rich assessment of the key pillars of Customer Experience.

  • Communication & Feedback

  • Community

  • C-Suite Engagement

  • Content

  • Continous Improvement & Innovation

  • Collaboration

The assessment encompasses x3 key activities:
Online Leadership and Account Team Assessment
Consultant interview with key Account Directors
Consultant interview with key Client Stakeholders

Step 2


We create a Customer Experience (CX) report for your business.
a high level and comparative view of the maturity of your CX
a summary of strengths and areas with most improvement opportunity
a high level quantified business case

The report plots each account to show how your Account Management capabilities plot against the CX your give your Client.

The report plots areas of strength and weakness for each of the 6Cs of CX.

Step 3


Client Share work with you to develop a Fitness Plan for CX improvement and Client Share implementation
Prioritisation of accounts based on their current and future-potential business value
A roll-out plan including sequencing and phased view of costs and benefits
Implementation plan includes an account-level review of the CX improvement

Step 4


Short, sharp programme for organisations who wish to run their own roll-out, including ‘train the trainer’ sessions for their internal change teams
Workshops for Managers to help them to lead the way
Fully managed implementation service led by Client Share’s implementation and consulting team

Step 5


A structured review process to regularly assess and map how your CX and business results are improving and / or flagging areas of improvement.

Periodic reviews to assess performance and identify further improvement opportunities
Track improvements and show correlation of these with financial performance
Benchmark with external market