Quick Links

by Client Share Marketing

What are Quick Links?

Quick Links are a collection of weblinks on your Client Share. They are frequently used links that you or your customer may need to access, for example links to your helpdesk, MI portals, your website or a g-docs page.


Why are they important?

Quick Links provide easy access to the pages that support your business relationship. They also allow for personalisation of a Client Share, ensuring that users can stay on a Client Share without having to leave in order to search for a new one.


How do they work?

Quick Links work like a simple URL. They’re easy to access and look great, meaning you can cut out the messiness of a URL and personalise it to say what you want. All you have to do is assign a URL with a tag that will be displayed on the page.


What do you need to do?

Put your links in on Client Share … it’s that simple.

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