What do you like best about Clientshare?

This is a great tool to share reviews and information with our clients. It enables us to build a library of information that our clients can tap into with them providing great feedback to help us change and deliver better information and help us manage our partnerships with our clients.

Also, the whole support that we get from the Clientshare team has been excellent. From early engagement to holding workshops to follow up feedback sessions, Olivia, Toby and Helen have been there for us, so thank you...


What problems is Clientshare solving and how is that benefiting you?

We started using Clientshare as an alternative to our normal client feedback platform to see if we could get better response rates. Still early in the process, however, we have had clients' feedback back to us that never used to - which is fantastic.

Gaining their insight to our service delivery and relationship is invaluable to us ensuring we have a successful business model.

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