Customer retention is more important than ever for PMP recruitment

PMP Recruitment is part of TRG, a specialist in multi-sector recruitment services. As pioneers in the recruitment and managed services space, PMP’s expertise and experience allows them to take care of people and operations so clients can focus on their core business. 

With over 20 years’ experience, 320 managed client locations and 20,000 workers placed each week, PMP Recruitment prides itself in being one of the UK’s leading managed service providers evidenced in June 2019 when they won ‘Best Large Recruitment Business’ at the Global Recruiter Awards. 

Clientshare has helped us with consistency of communication, visibility on activities, contract compliance and demonstrating added value and innovation. The success of the platform for PMP has come in its metrics, measuring the strength and depth of our client relationships. The platform itself is then a great tool for supporting the closing of any gaps that are exposed. This has helped PMP to retain a number of client accounts since it was launched into our business.”
Neil Jacques, Strategic Account Director




Achieving standardisation across a large services portfolio is challenging and PMP was determined to ensure all accounts benefited from a consistent approach. Over time, as contacts came and went, their relationships had not always expanded to include a broader segment of contacts. 

Inconsistent communication with their clients was leading to account teams spending time catching up rather than looking forward.

As well, PMP needed a more effective mechanism to securely display live operational data with their key stakeholders. This was a requirement for PMP accounts, but their existing method was not always delivering the content needed to properly review their service. 



Our clients weren’t in the loop. If only they knew what we had really delivered.”
Neil Jacques, Strategic Account Director




The implementation of Clientshare at PMP went smoothly, and they quickly embraced the new capabilities it offered.

PMP broadened their stakeholder community and had key contact information for all client relationships (Clientshare Community).

PMPs approach to service delivery is now standardised within the Clientshare platform. All client reporting is tracked, logged, and actioned. The leadership team has visibility, consistency, and live metrics on each account (Task Management & Health Scorecards).

Key operational data is now securely available to clients and they have the information they need to evaluate the services provided. 





Clientshare is deployed across all of PMPs strategic accounts. Since it’s deployment in 2018 the platform has helped PMP to retain a number of strategic accounts.

PMPs stakeholder communities within accounts have grown by 35% since using Clientshare, helping to create more opportunities to upsell/cross-sell. 

Clientshare has helped us to retain a number of critical client accounts since its launch.”
Neil Jacques, Strategic Account Director

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