Giving Telefonica Tech the edge in an competitive industry

Clientshare is an intuitive and simple to use platform. Having one place for both our clients and Telefónica Tech to interact about everything to do with our relationship has made everyone’s life simpler.”
Martin Hess, CEO UK


One place for everything

As a global Digital Transformation Partner with more than 4000 employees, Telefónica Tech accompanies organisations into the digital future. Helping customers to simplify complex enterprise IT and increase their business success through the implementation of modern technology. In order to comprehensively meet the IT needs of companies, organisations and the public sector, Telefónica Tech delivers tailor-made IT end to end from a single source.




Telefónica Tech was growing – expanding geographically and extending their service portfolio. Not surprisingly this put added pressure on their account team. Time constraints were making it difficult to ensure all stakeholders received clear evidence of business reviews. Sharing live operational data effectively with their clients was a challenge as there was no mechanism to do this securely. As Telefónica Tech’s wide portfolio of IT services and supplies was expanding, account teams recognised they had opportunities to cross pollinate within existing accounts. However, it was difficult to scale resources. Showcasing not just contractual commitments, but also additional achievements and innovations was limiting Telefónica Tech’s success.


We were unable to securely share live key operational data with our clients – making it difficult to prove the strength of our services.”
Martin Hess, CEO UK



Following a 2-month implementation of Clientshare, Telefónica Tech had one place to share both key operational data and live analytics, one place to track and audit all business reviews, and a centralised location to share added value and innovation to clients.

The Business Review feature has simplified but also made the process of evidencing compliance more effective. Telefónica Tech is now logging, tracking, and actioning reviews in one shared space, and information is easily accessible.

Telefónica Tech also leveraged Clientshare’s Health Scorecards to help them easily pinpoint which accounts needed more attention, had a potential appetite for more services and required attention for upcoming renewal opportunities.


Clientshare has made us easier to work with, and our clients love the one location for everything to do with the Telefónica Tech business relationship. It’s made us more efficient.”
Martin Hess, CEO UK




Telefónica Tech saw positive results within 2-months of their Clientshare deployment and it has given them an edge in their very competitive industry. Telefónica Tech’s clients recognised they were easier to work with - using a single shared location for all account information has helped to free up time to identify new opportunities.


Having one space to share operational data and live analytics with our customers is something our competitors aren’t doing right now; and we’re reaping the benefits because of Clientshare.”
Martin Hess, CEO UK

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