Providing great CX is something that has to be worked on. You need to have a solid strategy in place

That’s where Clientshare comes in. We’ve built our product to help you focus on the CX moments that matter.

We call them our five pillars:

So how does Clientshare help?


For a start, we allow you to build your own
client community
. Buyers and suppliers can connect
with each other and invite colleagues with just one click.
That means you grow your contact base and
know that everyone can see what is happening.


We make business reviews
- often a necessary chore - quicker,
easier and more productive, so the
right people see the right information.
That’s a huge benefit.



Clientshare shows your
customers that you’re going the extra
mile for them. It allows you to
demonstrate your innovation and
added value in one easy-to-access
place. That’s a major win when your
contract needs to be renewed.


It gives you invaluable feedback
from your customers 
and lets you keep
it in your community using our NPS™
(Net Promoter ScoreTM) feature.
It’s an everything-under-one-roof approach and an
invaluable way of measuring how you’re doing.

6. Feedback



Our contract lockbox solves the headache
of keeping on top of complex but vital
relationship documents. Done manually this
can be a time-consuming chore, but our
solution makes it easy. With Clientshare you
have a neat, simple and secure lockbox
meaning you can find the right contract
information, anytime, anywhere. Easy!


Clientshare turbocharges your existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems. We’re not an expensive replacement for these – instead our software allows you to enhance and get more out of what you already have. We integrate with solutions such as Salesforce and analytics tools like Power BI. That means a lot more bang for your CRM buck.


Then there’s Clientshare’s ability to
integrate marketing, communications
and sales. It’s fast, efficient, encourages
team working and turbocharges
your content.

 5. Health Score


On top of all this, we provide client
health scorecards, allowing you to see
in seconds how all your relationships are
performing. So you make decisions
based on insight, not hindsight.