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Effective Service Governance helps both suppliers and their clients

Negotiating a contract is just the beginning. Governing the contract throughout its lifecycle is essential to profitable relationships and renewal success

That is where Clientshare comes in

The Service Governance tool that helps suppliers evidence contractual compliance, safeguard relationships and standardise coverage

Evidence Compliance

Once a contract term begins it is incumbent upon the supplier to keep their customer up-to-date on all contract elements. Best practice is to communicate not just how you are meeting your SLAs and KPIs, but also to share your achievements. Especially those that demonstrate your innovation and initiative. As time goes by, keeping that communication going seems to get more challenging for all kinds of good reasons. And it can be difficult to get back on track

Clientshare provides the capabilities to evidence your compliance with the contract. And to communicate all those additional achievements that demonstrate how you have gone above and beyond


Business Reviews

Business Reviews are tracked, recorded and available to both you and your client including the names of all attendees. A clear record over time in one secure location

Achievement and Innovation Log

A unique space to draw attention to examples of your special achievements and highlight the innovations you have delivered

Data Visualisation Integrations

Tools (like Power BI) when combined with Clientshare result in a secure web based method to illustrate clearly how you are performing

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Safeguard Relationships

Change is inevitable and often unscheduled. Account managers change. They come and go from organisations. On the customer side, resources are swapped in and out often on short notice. Finding the right information on an account when the change never stops is difficult, especially when it's buried in emails that are forever changing. Mis-communication, confused teams, squandered opportunities. Definitely to be avoided

Clientshare provides capabilities to safeguard your relationships ensuring all key stakeholders are not just kept in the loop but are part of the loop


Clientshare Community

Everyone you need to communicate with – on both sides of a contract – all in one place. A who’s who that puts contact details at your fingertips

Account Health Scorecards Log

An historical record by account with details on task completion, number of posts, customer activity by individual, community size and more

File Viewer

All the files you have ever shared with your client are available to filter, search, review, and more. For both you and your client

Standardise Coverage

The adage of doing more with less is hardly new. What’s new is how much more needs doing. The more there is to do, the more difficult it is to keep up with standards. Cutting the occasional corner can seem harmless when time is precious. But the value in delivering a standard experience across every single account streamlines the whole account management function – helping you do more with less and making sure leadership know that the right information is being shared with the right customers each and every time

Clientshare provides the capabilities to streamline the Service Government function enabling organisations to manage more accounts with the same resource consistently across the portfolio


Company Health Scorecards

A Management view across your whole portfolio of accounts in a single place. Compare and contrast how each account is doing vs the others

Share to Many

This favourite feature provides a super easy way of sharing news to one client or many. A huge timesaver and ensures everyone gets the same info

Task Management

Assign and track tasks and receive reminders to ensure you are meeting your commitments and providing the standard of service expected 

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