Developing effective customer relationships takes time, focus and effort and can be difficult and frustrating

That’s why Clientshare is so important.

Our all-in-one-place approach makes all the difference, doing
the hard work for you and allowing you to nurture the human touch.

It’s a pioneering solution that changes the landscape
for buyers and suppliers alike.




Business directors and management find Clientshare indispensable. With just a single click, they can see what is happening with every relationship they have. The results are there, in real time, right in front of them. No longer do they get told only what they want to hear. They can directly address problems, reward excellence and talk to clients through a single gateway.


Operations Directors

Operations Directors are busy people who can struggle to know what is happening with each account. They would like to be able to review data in seconds, making them more knowledgeable and empowered. Clientshare brings them closer to the client and helps deepen the relationship.


Sales Directors

For Sales Directors, life is all about winning new contracts. Once deals are done, sales can tend to drift away from relationships with existing customers. But that’s dangerous because it can suggest disinterest and complacency. Our solution connects sales leaders again through a tailored community. It helps you grow the contract - and you’re back in business.


Marketing Teams

Marketing teams often struggle to stay connected sales, operations and the clients and don’t get to directly share vital information with clients. New thinking, innovation and successes don’t get passed on. Clientshare allows this to happen. With one click, they’re back in the loop and you’re ahead.


Account Managers

Life can be a tough gig for Account Managers. Much of the burden of customer delivery and retention falls on their shoulders. They find Clientshare a massive help, allowing them to promote their businesses, share information, leverage their communities and really bring their buyer communications to life as never before.


The Clients

And then of course there’s the clients. They usually have a number of relationships to manage and need their suppliers to go beyond the basics. That means giving their executives information and making their jobs easier, allowing them to demonstrate success to colleagues and managers. Clientshare is the perfect tool for doing this.