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Digital QBRs for
Contract Catering

To excel, Contract Caterers must consistently evaluate their performance, ensuring they are attuned to emerging culinary trends or lose out to the nearest competitor. Our QBRs platform is helping some of the world's largest Contract Catering businesses to understand their clients evolving needs, showcase excellence, and uncover growth opportunities.

Prove your value and innovation
with first class QBRs

Amidst the remarkable growth in the Contract Catering industry, fueled by a rise in new suppliers, Pulse is dedicated to overseeing the entire process of Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). From creation and delivery to measurement and strategic actions, we prioritise elevating the customer experience.

Pulse guarantees that your clients not only receive standardised world-class business reviews but that you benefit from elevated response rates and the acquisition of valuable premium client data. Our Risk Analysis Dashboards equip Contract Catering enterprises with crucial data-driven insights necessary for fostering exceptional client relationships throughout the QBR process.


"Clientshare gives us the power to have the right conversations at the right time and reduce the risk of churn."


"We used to be very analogue in our client approach, nothing was centralised, and our clients didn’t understand just how much we did for them, now every account is treated in a way that CH&CO knows will be well looked after."

How our QBR platforms works for
Contract Catering Enterprises

Our Quarterly Business Reviews platform ensures that your QBR process is standardised, making it easy to create and consistently deliver best-in-class reviews to your clients, acquire and measure feedback, and provide data to act upon. We assist senior leaders in Contract Catering by enabling them to make informed, data-driven decisions. We ensure you can identify accounts at risk, discover new pathways for growth, and explore opportunities for upselling.



Combine Quarterly Business Reviews, CSAT & NPS
  • Create standardised, consistent and professional Quarterly Business Reviews across all your accounts

  • Increase the client experience with our personalised video tool, leadership message feature and easily add insight & innovation



Deliver outstanding UX for your clients
  • Improve client feedback and response rates by including CSAT and NPS with your QBRs while evidencing value and innovation

  • Deliver your QBRs directly to all key stakeholders within each client account



Unique Risk Analysis Dashboards and alerts
  • Uncover accounts at risk of churn with data-driven insights and custom alerts so you can act in time

  • Identify new growth opportunities and insights to protect margins at renewals and renegotiate on value not pric

Fuelling Success: 5 Benefits Of Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) For Contract Catering Enterprises

Contract Catering, where every plate counts, staying ahead of the competition isn't just a goal; it's the recipe for survival. To thrive in this ever-evolving industry, companies must continually assess their performance, seek opportunities for growth, and cultivate robust client relationships. The indispensable method to ensure you achieve all these goals is Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). 
Jason Bendell

“Pulse has enabled us as a senior leadership team to be able to jump on client queries at the right time. We can set up alerts and notifications to see client comments and scores when we need to. Even if we think or assume a client is happy, sometimes their scores haven´t been where we think it would be. Clientshare gives us the power to have the right conversations to reduce the risk of churn.”

Jason Bendell, Compass Group

Katy Thompson
"This platform offers us the opportunity to communicate clearly and succinctly on key activities, management information, innovation, special events and reach out to an entire community. Our clients have responded well to the introduction of Clientshare, which has been a welcome innovation."

Katy Thompson, CH&Co

Matthew Brown - CH&Co - Customer Headshot
"Pulse gives you the ability to get right to the centre of things with the four CSAT questions that gets sent along with every review. If you make sure that those questions reflect your core values and what you're trying to achieve, they will consistently tell you whether you're moving in the right direction, unequivocally and objectively."

Matthew Brown, CH&Co

QBR research whitepaper Clientshare

Download our research whitepaper, 'The QBR Delusion'

We interviewed hundreds of buyers of Logistics, FM, Contract Catering, IT and BPO services from the UK and US. The research uncovers an undeniable feeling among buyers that their suppliers need to start delivering better QBRs if they want to keep their business. Learn more about how your customers think you're losing out on key opportunities with them today.

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