A quick introduction to Clientshare Premium



Group 56

Business Reviews are more professional and consistent

Improve renewal success. Achieve greater account penetration.

Path 80

Save time and money

Improve account coverage ratio. Reduce impact of staff changes.

Path 81

Improve communication with clients

Use a standard channel for communication. Close the feedback loop.

Quarterly reviews

Deliver Quality
Quarterly Business

Business Reviews are tracked, recorded and
available to both you and your client including
the names of all attendees. A clear record over
time in one secure location


Influence stakeholders

Influence A Wide Cross-Section Of People

Everyone you need to communicate with - on both sides of a contract - all in one place. A who's whom that puts contact details at your fingertips

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Service data

Deliver The Right Service Data To The Right People

Tools (like Power Bl) when combined with Clientshare result in a secure web-based method to illustrate clearly how you are performing

Cover complexity

Cover More Complex Accounts With Less Resource

Assign and track tasks and receive reminders to ensure you are meeting your commitments and providing the standard of service expected

Demonstrate innovation

Demonstrate Innovation, Insight And Value To Your Customers

The Achievement and Innovation Log is a unique space to draw attention to examples of your special achievements and highlight the innovations you have delivered


Client Relationships. Fixed.

Negotiating a contract is just the beginning. Governing the contract throughout its lifecycle is essential to profitable relationships and renewal success.

Clientshare helps suppliers evidence contractual compliance, safeguard relationships and standardise coverage - Client relationships. Fixed.


Clientshare provides value to users across the Service Governance continuum

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Clientshare is a single platform for Leaders to get an up-to-date view of their account portfolio – indispensable to decision making

Sales Directors
Sales Directors

Clientshare helps Sales Directors keep up with every account no matter the changes going on

Account Manager
Account Managers

Clientshare helps Account Managers of more complex accounts cover more accounts more effectively

Operation Directors
Operations Directors

Clientshare brings Operations closer to the client keeping everyone in the loop right from the start

Marketing team
Marketing Teams

Clientshare connects Marketing with the account team sharing new thinking, innovation and successes directly with clients


Clientshare provides clients with a single source for business reviews, contracts, management information, innovation and more

Trusted by forward-thinking teams, worldwide

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