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Digital QBRs for

Stay ahead of the competition by building the best client relationships in the Logistics market. Clientshare is the only Quarterly Business Reviews platform for Logistics enterprises and gives you data-driven insights to easily uncover problem accounts, identify new growth opportunities and build better client relationships.

Prove your value and innovation
with first class QBRs

The Logistics services marketplace is growing at an unprecedented rate, and competition from new suppliers is placing a renewed importance on customer experience.

Our platform helps Logistics enterprises, such as CEVA and SEKO, to stand out among the competition and prove consistent value and innovation. With our digital Quarterly Business Reviews process, it's easy to create and deliver high-quality and standardised QBRs. It’s a natural way to evidence your value to your clients on a regular basis, while also automatically sending out NPS and CSAT. The digital review packs gives your clients an outstanding user experience, leading to high response rates, and first-class client data measurements. Our risk analysis dashboards gives Logistics enterprises all the data-driven insights they need to act on feedback and build exceptional client relationships.

Over 40% of the FTSE 100 companies already use Clientshare Pulse.

Logo CEVA - Clientshare Customer

"Clientshare has made it easier to pinpoint accounts that might need hypercare or are ready to grow.


"Pulse helps us gather regular feedback and NPS to act quickly when needed, adding significant value."

How our QBR platform works for
Logistics enterprises

Our platform help Logistics enterprises like yours manage the entire Quarterly Business Reviews process - creating and delivering high quality reviews, measuring feedback and scores, and gives you the data and dashboards you need to act. Our data-driven insights helps senior leaders in the Logistics sector on a daily basis to make informed decisions, manage risk and identify new opportunities for growth.



Combine Quarterly Business Reviews, CSAT & NPS
  • Create standardised, consistent and professional Quarterly Business Reviews across all your accounts

  • Optimise CX with our personalised video tool, leadership message feature and easy-to-add insight and innovation

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Deliver outstanding UX for your clients
  • Improve client feedback and response rates by including CSAT and NPS while evidencing value and innovation

  • Deliver your QBRs directly to all key stakeholders within each client account

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Unique Risk Analysis Dashboards and alerts
  • Uncover accounts at risk of churn with data-driven insights and alerts, ensuring you act in time

  • Identify new growth opportunities and insights to protect margins at renewals, helping you renegotiate on value not price

5 benefits for B2B Logistics enterprises of running regular Quarterly Business Reviews

B2B logistics enterprises need to constantly stay ahead of the competition and meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. To achieve this, one essential activity to get right is regular and consistent Quarterly Business Reviews. We have identified five reasons QBRs are essential for logistics enterprises to get right. 



“The Pulse tool has become a key selling point for our tenders or when talking to potential new clients. It shows that we offer our clients the opportunity to give us regular feedback, that we care about what our clients think about us and that we will take immediate action. That's pretty powerful.”

Dan Eckett, SEKO Logistics

Tony Taylor - National Express Transport Solutions - Customer Headshot

“We were looking for a way to get more consistent and reliable data across our client accounts. We believe Clientshare Pulse will help us get clear visibility of the health of our clients, highlight any areas for improvement within specific accounts as well as continuing to build the relationships we have with our clients.”

Tony Taylor, National Express Transport Solutions


“We are now able to standardise the whole business reviews process and client feedback through Clientshare which has given us more control over our accounts and made it easier to pinpoint accounts that might need hypercare or are ready to grow.”

Alistair McVicar, CEVA

QBR research whitepaper Clientshare

Download our research whitepaper, 'The QBR Delusion'

We interviewed hundreds of buyers of Logistics, FM, Contract Catering, IT and BPO services from the UK and US. The research uncovers an undeniable feeling among buyers that their suppliers need to start delivering better QBRs if they want to keep their business. Learn more about how your customers think you're losing out on key opportunities with them today.

Calculate the ROI of using our QBR platform for your Logistics enterprise

Every month Logistics enterprises are losing money to churn whether they realise it or not. Digitising the Quarterly Business Reviews process and gathering regular client feedback leads to reduced churn and identifies new opportunities to grow faster than the competition. Our customers have seen great results, try our ROI calculator and see what it can do for you.







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