Quick introduction to Clientshare Pulse

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The world's leading Business Reviews platform

Business Reviews are tracked, recorded and available to both you and your client including the names of all attendees.
A clear record over time in one secure location that supports all file types including video.



Know the health of every account

Keep your finger on the pulse of all accounts: learn from top performers and address challenges before they become bigger problems.


Make sure customers see the best side of your business

Standardise how you evidence success, communicate how your innovations bring your brand to life and prove your value.


Deliver Quarterly Business Reviews consistently 

Stay close and connected to every customer - not just your major accounts - by providing consistent communication and content they can trust.

Be in control with our QBR platform Pulse

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Risk Analysis Dashboards

Leaders and Account Managers can gain insight from customer ratings on every account, across five simple but powerful areas: value for money, quality of service, strength of relationship, quality of reviews, Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Client Feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Gain invaluable insight from your customers as they respond to Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) including messages from your Leadership Team and Account Managers. As all ratings and feedback are located in one secure, online location, it makes it easy for both you and your customers to engage with the content. 


Quarterly Business Reviews Workflow

Account Managers can deliver Quarterly Business Reviews consistently, ensuring nothing is lost or misplaced in emails. Actions are documented and tracked, safeguarding the integrity of the relationship.


Personalised video and leadership messages

Make every Quarterly Business Review memorable with easy-to-create videos that Account Managers and Leaders can upload every time – avoid being faceless; humanise the experience.

Designed for B2B enterprises looking to grow

Our digital QBR platform supports your business growth. Senior leaders can easily uncover risk accounts and act before it's too late, and identify new growth opportunities. Account Managers juggling multiple clients find Pulse saves time, making account management both easier and more rewarding.​​

Clientshare Pulse
For Business Leaders
Clientshare Pulse
For Account Managers

A seamless experience for your customers

Our Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) platform, Pulse, provides customers with a single secure source to access suppliers’ Quarterly Business Review reports, contracts and management information, ensuring the customer/supplier communication loop is closed.

The story behind our QBR platform Pulse

Clientshare launched its Premium platform in 2017 to address a gap in the market for digital tools that allow suppliers to better manage their customer relationships. Success started with corporates, who recognised the benefits of applying this technology to improve efficiency and renewal rates on their more complex accounts. Our Quarterly Business Reviews platform, Pulse, was introduced in 2020 in response to requests from many existing customers who wanted an easy-to-use platform that focuses on delivery of Quarterly Business Reviews, CSAT and NPS and powerful data analysis.

Alistair McVicar - Ceva Logistics - Customer Headshot

"We are now able to standardise the whole business reviews process and client feedback through Clientshare which has given us more control over our accounts and made it easier to pinpoint accounts that might need hypercare or are ready to grow."

Alistair McVicar, CEVA Logistics

"Clients that we previously sent annual surveys to, who never responded, have responded to our regular Clientshare reviews. Having just a few key questions and the chance to leave written feedback is hitting a completely different note with our clients."

Jason Bendell, Compass Group

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