Powerful Marketing Solutions for Local Small Businesses Who Are Ready to Get Bigger

Increase Client Loyalty and Promote Your Business To Thousands Of New, Qualified Business Prospects -
For A Ridiculously Low Cost!

Everyone agrees that in order to retain clients you need to not only deliver superior value, but you also need to establish and maintain a strong relationship with them.

One of the most effective
marketing methods of all

You probably already know that targeted newsletters are a fantastic way to stay in touch and build a relationship with your clients. They also are wonderful tools for reaching new, prospective clients.

Printed and mailed - and emailed

ClientShare publishes a highly-targeted, monthly, color printed newsletter that is mailed to owners and managers of local businesses (very hard to ignore!). ClientShare member companies in the your area are featured for free in every issue as a select group of highly-preferred B2B vendors.

ClientShare handles all the research, design, layout, writing, etc. Members only pay their low share of the printing and mailing, with HUGE savings compared with doing it themselves (proof here). Not to mention the time, hassle, and quality difference! And we don’t mark up those costs even one penny, saving you even more.

But it gets better!

This high-value newsletter is sent to all the clients provided by the combined local ClientShare members. This means each member gets advertising and recognition to its own clients AND to a very large group of new, local prospective business clients – every month! Members can also add their "dream prospects" to the list, so they will also receive the print and email newsletters with the company's display ad.

Secure List Management
Included FREE

We securely manage the combined client lists for the members. Since ClientShare members are not competitors with each other they get all the benefits of the larger client pool without any risk that a member’s client list will be seen or used by others. ClientShare directly handles all the mailing functions so that members never see each other’s client lists.

Valuable Advertising for
Much Lower Cost

Each member gets the huge benefit of increased recognition and awareness to thousands of qualified business owners and top managers each month. No random, out-of-date mailing list here!

Get Preferred Access To a Flood of New Clients With Our FREE Innovative Marketing Process

ClientShare's innovative "Shared Campaigns" give you the single most powerful, direct, targeted, and cost-effective method of dramatically increasing your active business client base.

Leverage the established
relationships of fellow members!

Each ClientShare member has existing relationships of trust with its own clients. We create specific campaigns that use those relationships to give other members controlled access to add those clients as their own.

Shared Campaigns feature a Client Share member giving a valuable gift to his or her own active clients. The gift is provided by a fellow ClientShare member.

Examples of offers include: special pricing and discounts, must-have reports and information, free consultations and evaluations, free educational seminars, extended warranty, VIP white glove service, customized product or service packages, and more.

We organize and securely manage the whole process – for FREE!

Benefits to the member
with the clients

The member who owns the clients gets the tremendous goodwill and relationship-building benefits of having given something of value to his or her own clients. Those clients will recognize and remember that token of appreciation, and become even more loyal.

Benefits to the member
making the offer

The member who provides the offer gets controlled, indirect access to a large group of active business clients, for a very, very low cost. These clients already have a positive relationship with the member who gives the gift, so they are much more likely to pay attention and respond to the offer. When they do, they become clients of the member who made the offer.

It’s win-win at its finest

At ClientShare we exist to help small and medium-sized businesses grow through highly-effective and exclusive marketing methods based on our unique concept of sharing clients in a secure and controlled way.

12 BIG Reasons to Join ClientShare:
  • Noncompeting - ClientShare members don’t compete with each other, so sharing their clients lets each company grow.
  • Exclusive – only one company of each B2B type is allowed in the local ClientShare network. When you own that spot all your competitors are blocked!
  • Month-to-month. No long-term commitment. Can cancel anytime with no hassles.
  • High ROI. The very modest cost is much lower than other, less effective marketing methods.
  • Highly focused marketing is laser beam targeted to real local businesses that are active clients - not some rented mailing list of unknown names.
  • Newsletter. Our professionally written and designed newsletter is mailed to the large pool of actual local business clients. Members are promoted in every issue for all readers to see each month.
  • Shared Campaigns let you take advantage of the close relationships that other members have with their own clients, so it’s much easier to add many of those business clients to your own list.
  • Additional marketing activities are used to add new prospects to the shared pool for even greater growth for all members.
  • Secure. Your valuable client lists are securely managed by ClientShare so no other member or entity ever sees that information. No risk!
  • Easy and convenient since ClientShare handles everything for its members. We write the copy, we do the designs, we do the mailing, we arrange the campaigns, etc.
  • Local. All the marketing is within your local metro area, so nothing is wasted on areas you don’t cover.
  • Many FREE services are included in a ClientShare membership.