Webinar: The Year of Client Obsession

Joe Brownill
January 16, 2020

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Companies that are client obsessed and deliver a world-class Customer Experience to their clients can achieve 3 results:

1. They retain more customers

2. They grow their accounts

3. They don't throw away profits at renewals

Easy and affordable changes to your Customer Experience can incrementally effect your retention and growth percentages, in any account size.

The webinar below discusses the best tools to get closer to your customers, how companies are using Customer Experience to retain customers, and why Customer Experience has become critical to revenue goals.


Headquartered in London, the Clientshare purpose is to help companies retain and grow contracts. Clientshare works with companies like Interserve, Xerox, Guidant Global and CH&Co helping improve buyer-supplier relationships, making business easier and improving retention rates, typically by 18%.