Webinar: B2B Customer Experience for IT Managed Services Companies

Fraser Cameron
October 28, 2019

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What makes IT Managed Service companies stand out in their marketplace? If they have already correctly positioned their Price, Product, and Service... what else could they utilise to gain a Competitive Advantage?

This question is now being answered, in the form of Customer Experience (CX). Today, leading IT Managed Service companies recognise the importance of CX to retaining & growing contracts, at healthy margins. 

Here at Clientshare, we work closely with IT Managed Service companies and understand what makes one business stand apart from another. In the webinar below, our MD and Commercial Director discuss how effective adoption of good CX practice can increase retention rates by 18%. They present you how easy and affordable methods, including Clientshare, can make a real difference to your results.


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Clientshare: Experience Matters

Headquartered in London, the Clientshare purpose is to help companies retain and grow contracts. Clientshare works with companies like Interserve, Xerox, Guidant Globa,l and CH&Co helping improve buyer-supplier relationships, making business easier and improving retention rates, typically by 18%.

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