Virtual Panel: How to avoid the devastating impacts of poor-quality QBRs

Alice Baker
April 15, 2024

An image showing the title of the Virtual Panel, 'How to avoid the devastating impacts of poor-quality QBRs', alongside the faces of the participants: Jon Boden, Claire Fields and James Ward

Watch our Virtual Panel with Business Review experts Claire Fields (OCS) and Jon Boden (CEVA Logistics), hosted by Clientshare’s own MD, James Ward.

They discussed the findings of our whitepaper, ‘The QBR Delusion’, and the increasing disconnect between buyers and suppliers across the UK and US. These buyers are becoming increasingly disillusioned with suppliers who deliver poor-quality Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), having a devastating effect on bottom lines.

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QBR research whitepaper Clientshare

Download our research whitepaper, 'The QBR Delusion'

We interviewed hundreds of buyers of Logistics, FM, Contract Catering, IT, RPO and BPO services from the UK and US. The research uncovers an undeniable feeling among buyers that their suppliers need to start delivering better QBRs if they want to keep their business. Learn more about how your customers think you're losing out on key opportunities with them today.