30 second introduction to Pulse

Maria Rangin
October 20, 2022


Let us introduce you to Clientshare Pulse, our unique workflow tool for Quarterly Business Review (QBR) management.

With Clientshare Pulse, it's easier than ever to create, deliver, measure, and act on, business reviews and client feedback. You only have to follow our easy step-by-step process to create and share your Business Reviews with your clients. Senior leaders gain invaluable insights and feedback through consistent processes. All teams are able to view the current health of each client relationship instantly. Take a look at our Customer Stories to understand why industry-leading companies are choosing Clientshare for their QBRs.

With our best-in-class dashboards, you can review your Net Promotor Scores, average ratings and feedback, immediately identify any accounts at risk, and spot opportunities for growth.

Take back control over your client success today with Clientshare Pulse. Request a demo with our team to learn more.

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Want to know more about how Pulse works? 

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QBR research whitepaper Clientshare

Download our research whitepaper, 'The QBR Delusion'

We interviewed hundreds of buyers of Logistics, FM, Contract Catering, IT, RPO and BPO services from the UK and US. The research uncovers an undeniable feeling among buyers that their suppliers need to start delivering better QBRs if they want to keep their business. Learn more about how your customers think you're losing out on key opportunities with them today.