Boost your sales with our digital Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) platform

Alice Garwood
January 18, 2023

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Clientshare Pulse is a Quarterly Business Review platform that helps B2B enterprises manage their QBR process, get client feedback and gives them insight into the health of each client relationship. Pulse enables service providers across Logistics, Facilities Management, BPO and IT services to increase retention, upsell, cross-sell and save both time and money.  

Strong client relationships underpin results. Research from Clientshare across our key industries shows that the single most important moment in a contractual relationship is the client review. 

From talking to our customers, it’s clear that there were key areas that needed attention when it came to their Quarterly Business Review process. Consistency, transparency and timesaving. In many cases, individual account managers and development managers were creating their own review packs. Often, these were bespoke client to client and best practice was not shared. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s time-consuming and lacks standardisation and consistency.

What if you could have a consistent framework that you could personalise with documents, content and actions - saving you time and money? 

Identify opportunities for growth

Being able to identify new upselling and cross-selling opportunities is very important in today’s market when businesses often win core services at low margins. We all want to be able to share the benefits of every aspect of our business with our clients, but it’s important to stay relevant to their needs.

Telefonica Tech found that Pulse opened a whole new world of cross selling opportunities that had not previously been identified or tapped in to. Using the inbuilt CSAT function and personalising it to their needs Telefonica were able to increase their cross-selling by a massive 15% within a year of implementing Pulse across all their key accounts. A huge win for the Telefonica Tech team. 

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Renewals negotiated based on value not price

The ability to provide high-quality QBR reports and value-adding content to your Quarterly Business Reviews is what will make you stand out as a trusted service provider. When it comes to renewing contracts at margin, you want to demonstrate your worth beyond the service you provide day-to-day. Adding additional content – insights, innovation, research – will highlight to your clients that you have knowledge outside of your relationship with them. When it comes to renewal, this is what will help make you stand out against competitors and be able to renew based on value and not price.

More feedback is better feedback. Anything you can do to encourage a higher rate of response is a good thing. Using Pulse means you automatically send out CSAT and NPS with every QBR. You also provide a new channel for feedback beyond the QBR meeting, that help your clients to open up in writing about things they might feel uncomfortable sharing face-to-face. To additionally incentivise client feedback and scoring, we plant a tree for each score your receive from your clients, doing something good for the environment at the same time.

In addition, the function to schedule your Quarterly Business Reviews regularly and set reminders is not to be ignored. Creating routine and regularity around your QBRs demonstrates that you care for your clients, your enthusiasm for their input and willingness to develop the relationship going forward. This is going to pay off in renewal conversations. 

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Consistency and saving time

Consistency might be one of the most important factors of how a digital QBR process can help you sell more. Having a system for how you create and deliver Quarterly Business Reviews already built and established can save you up to 4 hours per month per account manager. Not only this, but you could also be saving 4 hours per month for a senior leader. This will allow you to invest more in your customer experience elsewhere in the business.  

When talking to our customers, the importance of efficiency when locating data was a clear priority. Consider this: how many clicks does it take you to find data about what your clients think about you or to see a client review? Instead of chasing and taking up the valuable time of your account team, you can get all your information in one place. Identifying opportunities for cross-selling, follow-ups and intervention is as easy as signing into your account. You can also identify NPS promoters in seconds – these are the people more likely to buy from you, they are your advocates. 

Alongside time, it creates a cohesive image of your organisation to your clients. Letting them know that you’re all on the same page. This is going to do wonders when it comes to renewal and cross-selling. Allowing your clients to see why they should trust you with their next contract. 

Not only this, but senior leadership being able to immediately see the health of their client relationships in one place cuts out the middleman. Simply by logging in, you have everything you need without having to interrupt the workflow of your account managers. 

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Learn more about how our unique Quarterly Business Reviews platform works, find out what are customers are saying about us or try our ROI Calculator to see what using Pulse could mean for your business.

Our team is always happy to hear from anyone interested in good client relationships, so please get in touch if you have any feedback or would like to have a chat about what we could do for you.

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