"Clientshare has helped us build, develop and grow effective communities across different groups. It means we have one place that our customers can go to in order to easily find and access the latest information, anytime, anywhere and in any format. "

Andrew Hough, CEO | The APS

"Clientshare allowed us to build strong C-Level relationships with one of our largest clients. It provided us with a space to deliver and report on the additional services we were running, alongside our core business. Ultimately it became integral."

Giles Hill, Managing Director | Sefas UK

"Clientshare was instrumental in retention of one of our largest clients, a major high street retailer. We needed to build a deep, wide and effective community across the client; Client Share helped us not only build a community but to demonstrate our value to great effect."

Steve Shannon, Managing Director | Nustream

"Clientshare helps us demonstrate all the added value we bring to our clients; this enables us to avoid RFPs as we have everyone from the client on the same page."

David Cameron, CEO | Connect

We’re delighted to be working with Carlisle Support Services, one of the UK’s leading facilities management companies. Carlisle chose the Clientshare platform to manage their key relationships and to deliver on one of their key values which is: “Customers at the Heart: We will put our customers at the heart of everything we do”

Carlisle Support Services,


Nustream chose Clienthshare to help them retain and grow their client base. They saw an opportunity to improve client relationships and stand out from their competition in the moments that matter, which was a big issue for them before. They have deployed Clientshare across all key relationships with some powerful ROI. 





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